Avast Secure Browser – early access now available for mac

Our browser is now also on the market for mac users to under take during a beta version that blocks ads and protects against phishing.

Mac users have usually thought of their computers as a secure  haven from several of the safety threats that confront Windows users. This summer’s Zoom video conferencing vulnerability and therefore the mac ransomware threats of 2016-2017 show that’s not true.

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We listened to requests from mac users for higher protection on-line, and Avast includes a free chance for you to undertake – a beta version of the Avast Secure Browser. you’ll be able to transfer the mac Early Access version without charge here.

This beta version of Avast Secure Browser for mac users  considerably improves your expertise once browsing the online because it mechanically blocks ads, forces HTTPS coding, protects you against phishing, tracking, and more.

Our goal is to convey mac users all the tools to simply manage and be up to speed of your on-line security. and that we need your feedback on however we are able to build it the most effective protection for mac users.

pic source: avast blog

Why does one would like a secure browser for your Mac? these days you never know wherever you’ll encounter a cybersecurity threat – in associate degree email, on a nefarious web site, via a nasty app? however interference those things will mean juggling several tools. For mac users, security has been even tougher to piece along. as a result of most threats have targeted Windows users and Macs have some malware protection, security tools have usually been made periodically.

Avast recently launched the Zermatt release of our Secure Browser, giving computer users a performance boost. currently we are giving mac users a similar protection and performance.

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