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Avast free antivirus provides real-time protection of files, email, web surfing and protects you from viruses and malware. Further, Avast Account is a free device management portal operated by Avast and you can manage all the licenses registered to your email address. Also, it is available to all Avast users including the ones who are using free protection. Whether you are using it on your Android device or Windows, you can easily access Avast account by visiting the official website of Avast.

It is necessary to create an Avast account for Login or to get a subscription to it. You just need to follow some major steps. With Avast account, the user software will activate. It will also help the user with the management as well as in updating the software. Even you can also track your device with the help of Avast Login in case you lose your Android device. 

How To Create Avast Account For Login: 

So, firstly, you need an Avast account to log in. Below is the procedure for the creation of Avast account:

  • Firstly, you must have an internet connection. 
  • In your internet browser, go to the official website of Avast.Firstly, you must have an internet connection. 
  • Click “Register” given on the top of the login page. 
  • Type your Email Id and password, retype your password to confirm your password.
  • Click “Create New Account”
  • A success notification will appear when your account is created and a confirmation mail is sent to the email address you provided. 
  • Check the inbox of your email for a new message from Avast. The subject line in the email is: Please Verify Your email address.
  • Then, you have to open the message and click the link to verify your new Avast Account.
  • Click “Continue” to go to the welcome page of the newly created Avast Account. 
  • Lastly, Type your credentials and click login. 

Your new Avast Account has been created and you are ready to manage all your Avast licenses and Softwares. Further, you can also create an account by simply through your Google or Facebook account. 

 Avast Login In Your Existing Account: 

In case, you are not able to login in an existing Avast antivirus account then you should follow the given steps: 

  • Check the internet connectivity.
  • Open the web browser and go to Avast official website.
  • Then, enter the registered email id and password. 
  • Click the “Login” button. 

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Avast Login - Now Login to Avast Account and Access Avast Management Console in order to Manage Services like Subscriptions, Activation etc at my.avast.com"

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