How to found out and Use avast! Anti-Theft on robot

Few days back where as used to be discussing the simplest robot security apps to use on your robot, I emphasised on avast! Anti-Theft’s (that that’s however they prefer to write their name) options. I actually have used and reviewed several free and paid anti-theft apps out there on the Play Store, however i need to say that nobody looks to try and do it higher than avast!.

Lately, I actually have been obtaining complaints that putting in avast! Anti-Theft is extremely difficult however after I used the app, i spotted that individuals take avast!’s eye for detail as quality. Thus these days i’m about to quote the method to line up and use the avast! Anti-Theft feature on your mobile simply. this is often the robot app we tend to square measure talking concerning that the tutorial is proscribed to robot devices.


In robot When you launch avast! Mobile Security for the primary time you may be asked to assemble the anti-theft module. Once you settle for and begin the setup method, your phone are going to be checked for system dependencies like net affiliation, etc. Having succeeded within the check, the method can begin.

The next factor the app can raise you is whether or not you’d prefer to run the app as a root user or not. If you’ve got root access on your device, place a check against tZe choice Root Installation to induce some additional perks from the app. For the guide i’ll persist with non-rooted installation, however we’ll quote root options time to time.

Now here’s the cool thing: the app can raise you the name of a dummy app to transfer for your mobile. It’ll be the avast! Anti-Theft app itself however with a dummy name and icon to fool prying eyes. you’ll be able to provides a name yourself or raise avast! to help you. Once you show it, the app can transfer and install the made-to-order app for your phone.

After you’ve got put in the made-to-order app, you’ll be able to shut the avast! Mobile Securities and open the dummy app to manage the Anti-Theft options. you’ll be able to currently act and found out some basic settings like your device name, the parole that may be used for security and authentication in remote commands, signaling of friends for notifications etc. when you found out these settings you’ll be able to act and switch on the anti-theft feature.

In the advanced settings you’ll be able to assemble the behavior of the phone once it gets lost or taken. you’ll be able to assemble the lock screen message, USB debugging settings, GPS behavior. Root users can get some extra settings here like full wipe and industrial plant reset. Root users may also install the app as a system partition.

So that was all concerning putting in the phone. currently allow us to see a way to use it within the unfortunate event of your phone obtaining lost or taken.


Using avast! when the phone is taken may be a bit difficult as you may now not have access to your phone, and you may ought to management it victimisation some SMS commands. the primary factor the phone can do once it detects a SIM modification is that it’ll lock the phone and SMS all the small print to 2 of the buddies numbers designed with in the app.

Avast! features a long list of commands that may be accustomed management the device remotely and therefore the smartest thing to try and do is to recollect them. They aren’t terribly troublesome to recollect really. All of them begin together with your avast! parole (the one you found out where as configuring the app) and square measure followed by straight forward words like LOST, TRACK etc. you’ll be able to realize all the SMS commands on avast!’s official product page. Bookmarking the page are going to be a prudent factor to try and do.

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